Spain vs. Team America
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 7.  19.

 Team America
Status: closed
MatchID 17489009
Date Thursday, 04/03/10 15:00
Calculated 14/03/10 21:25
map dod_lennon
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5 : 0
Spain wins !
Points +3 : 0


Team America

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comments (14)
Im afraid we are not able to play today on the default date. Gonna try to reschedule the match as soon as posible.
ok, we will work out another day that you can play asap, what days are best for you
omega you are sexy
<3 handcold :P
breakdance battle at mid?
Please play this match until sunday as it is heavily delayed now and the catch up week was announced here:

Finally agree a date and play please.
Yep, we can play tomorrow.
When could you play?
21 cet? maybe we have 4 on so far, so we might be able to
Yes, 21 CET would be great for us :)
We may be able to start a bit later if you guys don't have six for then.
So? can you guys play?
We need to know it asap :/
haha this sucks, you guys want to try one last time for sunday or what? You guys can take the default if needed. Its not like we would even get a single cap out.
When could you play on Sunday? 22.00 CET?
We need to play it today so let me know asap when can you play.
20.00/21.00/22.00 hould be ok for us.
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