Team Russia DoD:S vs. Team America
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 Team Russia DoD:S
 Team America
Status: closed
MatchID 17489003
Date Thursday, 25/02/10 15:00
Calculated 26/02/10 03:30
map dod_harrington
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20 : 0
Team Russia DoD:S wins !
Points +3 : 0
25/02/10 16:15
Round 1*
932 kB, 25/02/10 16:15, by Solo (Russia)
25/02/10 16:10
Round 1*
1.5 MB, 25/02/10 16:10, by 3992096 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:11
Round 2*
1.4 MB, 25/02/10 16:11, by 3992096 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:15
Round 2*
1.1 MB, 25/02/10 16:15, by Solo (Russia)
25/02/10 16:14
rcon status*
1.1 MB, 25/02/10 16:14, by 3992096 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:15
rcon status*
923 kB, 25/02/10 16:15, by Solo (Russia)
25/02/10 16:08
uploaded with ESL Wire 17489003-ZIP*
3.5 MB, 25/02/10 16:08, by 3625817 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:12
7.0 MB, 25/02/10 16:12, by 3992096 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:12
Aequitas - - Twenty*
5.9 MB, 25/02/10 16:12, by 3799280 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:13
Aequitas - - i3aeZ*
3.8 MB, 25/02/10 16:13, by 3899246 (Russia)
25/02/10 16:09
Aequitas - -*
4.5 MB, 25/02/10 16:09, by (Russia)
25/02/10 16:18
Aequitas - sLip - Nimrod*
6.0 MB, 25/02/10 16:18, by 3651327 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:09
3.8 MB, 25/02/10 16:09, by Rivs (Russia)
25/02/10 16:09
Round 1*
3.3 MB, 25/02/10 16:09, by 3884677 (US*//)
26/02/10 01:34
SourceTV demo*
21.6 MB, 26/02/10 01:34, by Solo (Russia)
25/02/10 16:15
5.1 MB, 25/02/10 16:15, by Solo (Russia)
25/02/10 16:15
handcold MVP*
7 kB, 25/02/10 16:15, by 4013459 (US*//)
25/02/10 16:13
8.1 MB, 25/02/10 16:13, by 2337826 (Russia)
25/02/10 16:14
1.6 MB, 25/02/10 16:14, by 2337826 (Russia)
25/02/10 16:13
9.2 MB, 25/02/10 16:13, by 2451201 (Russia)
* No longer available

Team Russia DoD:S

Team Russia DoD:S
25/02/10 14:09
Team Russia vs. Team America
Hey everyone ;) Our 2nd match is starting tonight vs USA.
We won against Hungary in our 1st match and we are hoping to beat USA as well.

We dont really know what to expect about this match. But we have seen a little to the scene of USA and talked to some other players to know a little about the team.

Lag and prone will be secret to win :)
We hope for a very good and friendly game.

LU: Rivs - X-ROM6 - - i3aeZ - saboteur - Solo

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comments (28)
Hi there. Can we play match at Thursday 21CET?

Wednesday is hard for us.
new cold war :P
Hi team America we want play 25.02.2010 (Thursday) at 21CET.
Pls test our server (german) -

PS. perhaps - 13 (1pm) your time.
ya thursday is fine. i'm gonna try to find a uk server for us to use because we get about 50 ms lower ping there. 21cet is probably the earliest we can play because our west coast players will just be waking up around 20 cet :).
our server
connect pass muppetpcw

STV 128 slots -
STV 128 slots -
would like to play against team amerika... just see it as a trainwar

doesnt madder which server.

if u guys a interested just send me a mail over esl!

looking forward
well that was actually fun!
It's easy to play with high ping. (c) Nimrod
"легко играть с высоким пингом" by Nimrod
god nitrox your a dumb Brazilian. They just have super strats. the ping wasn't a big deal, we just dont try or scrim so qq.
Команда Америка является худшим в команде Кубок Наций.
English only you stupid banana pickers
ok i translate for you, "Team America is the worst team in the Nations Cup."
The ping wasn't a big deal? So why americans always whine about our ping and keep saying that is so fuckin' easy to play with high ping?
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right we would shit on your dumb Brazilians, and you guys play like fucking 2 years olds and you bitches actually scrim and try like this game is a fucking big deal. Maybe in your welfare country it just came out, but its fucking 5 years old. Grow up, go outside and play in the cow shit, get some aids and die.
"super strategy" I lol'd

What strategy was that? Let me guess, 2 heavies on mountain, 2 rifles and 1 sniper mid, and 1 rifle on 2? Do I did it?

Ahh, and I almost forgot, they cap'd flags!!
why are mexicans talking in the us vs russia match coms?
cuz they(I wasnt watching) wanted to see if it was really easy to play with hi ping as nimrod said.
lol 1x1 coming from the kid with a premier membership to the game site lol
retarded, my premium I won from the website, I don't know why i have this but i have and its temporary. 1x1? laughs.
gogogogogogogogogogogogo Darkz in the team DaSelva > all.
GO [>--] GEORGIA! <3
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do not flame and please do not talk another language than english here at the comments
wow wow.. guys. Take it easy.

I do not know, why nimrod considers that with high ping it is easy to play. I think it's just a terrible joke.

In this match we have received a clear advantage as it is obvious that at such delay Americans saw us half-seconds later. It allowed us to do with impunity all that we will want. I do not understand, how at the american sniper it turned out to kill in general someone with such big delay.

P.S. Friendly American guys. Was a funny match! =)

GG and thx.
nice nitrox [>--] GEORGIA! <3
this tag isnt georgia you fucking stupid monkey retard go to school
guys go pls in PM.

Flag is Czech =)
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