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 Brazil Lag Stars
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MatchID 17488981
Date Sunday, 07 March 21:00
Calculated Wednesday, 10 March 09:50
map dod_salerno
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Brazil Lag Stars

01/03/10 17:00
Brazil LAG Stars. So, very difficult to say how to play against them. Shall we play with MG oder medium? Are they so laggy that they appear every 5 metres for a second? :D

Well, i don't know, but one thing is for sure, we will do our best to win the second time in this tournament. We won't underestimate them and I hope that nobody flames in voice :P

hf to everyone..
Brazil Lag Stars
06/03/10 17:29
Statement - Fourth Match
After two heavy losses against Germany and Finland, now we will try to end this nations cup with one more victory.

We know that Austria have a good team and they are favorites to this match, but we gonna give our best to finish this nation cup with a good result.

GL to everyone!
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