online-wars vs. R.I.P :( Acta non Verba!
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 87.  69.

 R.I.P :( Acta non Verba!
Status: closed
MatchID 22219627
Date Sunday, 01 May 20:00
Calculated Monday, 02 May 01:25
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dod_salerno 5 : 0
dod_vallente_rc3 0 : 0
online-wars wins !
Points +3 : 0
01/05/11 20:11
rcon status*
578 kB, 01/05/11 20:11, by 4447248 (OW)
* No longer available


New date of play
Hi, we want make new day of this match, at 1.5 we dont have much players to play, we was say it to opponent but he gave us 3 pp :( make new date
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comments (11)
connect;password war
ok GL & HF
pls play another date because 1.5 we dont have enough of players
we can play 2.5-5.5 thx
somebody here want stupid easy deff win :DD
Wait for the administration's decision.
Did you have a week to prepare for the game. At the appointed time you will not come.
This is not your first non-attendance.

Transfer will not match. Learn to respect the opponent.
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you have not replied to messages in chat,few times !
I will explain last time that all to put on the places! We shouldn't sit in the days in a chat and watch that, somebody writes there or not. At us in a command all adult uncles and if you haven't deigned to answer our request for match carrying over on Friday why we should understand your position? We have postponed all affairs and were on game on which all of you have amicably hammered in a bolt. Also have told about it directly ahead of a match. So what claims can be to us??? There is a day and time for game which nobody cancelled. So, misters fighters, without insults - you have missed the happiness!!! Conversation is closed.
only bla,bla .. I want see new date to play,we want see good game,not excuses (herein you are surely better)
to: TOLSTYI stop talking this shit ThX. BTW you are very friendly ^^^^
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I set a defwin for Online-Wars and i deleted penalty points for Acta non Verba.

Sorry guys but if you can't agree a date then you have to play in default date as it's written in the news. And since Online-Wars don't want to play the match in other date then there's nothing i can do.
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