Global Battleground Community vs. RussiaN FuN TeaM
Contestants Parameters
 57.  33.

 Global Battleground Community
 RussiaN FuN TeaM
Status: closed
MatchID 25806777
Date Sunday, 29 April 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 29 April 21:34
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Result Media
dod_salerno 3 : 0
dod_catania_rc2 5 : 1
Global Battleground Community wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 29 April 21:38
Round 1*
355 kB, Sunday, 29 April 21:38, by 6374499 (RFT)
Sunday, 29 April 21:38
Round 1*
515 kB, Sunday, 29 April 21:38, by 6374499 (RFT)
Sunday, 29 April 21:38
Round 1*
490 kB, Sunday, 29 April 21:38, by 6374499 (RFT)
Sunday, 29 April 21:35
308 kB, Sunday, 29 April 21:35, by imilka (RFT)
Sunday, 29 April 21:38
wire leon*
1.4 MB, Sunday, 29 April 21:38, by 6374499 (RFT)
* No longer available
Matchmedia Requests
29/04/12 15:43 Vires (gbc.) salerno 2nd + catania
29/04/12 15:43 gr4nt (gbc.) salerno 2nd + catania

Global Battleground Community

RussiaN FuN TeaM

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comments (8)
Hey guys
When would you like to play?
our server
connect; password rftcw;

cu tomorrow at 20:15
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we accept that we play without d-blocker on the server of RFT, cause we have no other server... möp
gg gods of '1 min or defwin' and playing vs 4
thanks for fair play, i hope you had reasons for behaving like this :)

good luck :)

By the way, is it so hard to write in match comments when you want to play?
If you look above I contacted you 26/04 and seems you were too busy to write a single message since that ;( I hope you'll forgive me for disturbing you.
3 edits
sry, but we have other things to do than playing a dead game like DoDs, so its very hard to wait 20 mins or more for enemys which choose the date for the offi and are not enough at 20 cet :(

I will up you my demos tomorrow, cause i go sleep now :/
thanks for demo.

so why are you still playing it if you have other things to do? :)
i guess that's not hard to spend 30sec to leave a message.
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sry i saw it yesterday.. here my demos.
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