RussiaN FuN TeaM vs. BLUEJAYS.DoD:s
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 RussiaN FuN TeaM
Status: closed
MatchID 26224914
Date Sunday, 27 May 20:00
Calculated Monday, 28 May 01:23
Round Quarterfinals
map Mapelimination
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0 : 1
BLUEJAYS.DoD:s wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 27 May 20:23
db status*
212 kB, Sunday, 27 May 20:23, by Red Shark (BLUEJAYS)
Sunday, 27 May 20:24
rcon status*
227 kB, Sunday, 27 May 20:24, by Red Shark (BLUEJAYS)
* No longer available


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comments (5)
Hey guys.
When would you like to play?
Unfortunately, we're unable to play 27/05.
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The team which is placed in the left side on the matchsheet eliminates one map. Then the right team eliminates one map and pick the map they want to play. Finally the left team pick the map they want to play. The remaining map will be the decider.

Maps for the quarterfinals:
hi could we play the match in the week between the 04.06 and 07.06?

Our Server: connect ; password pcw
Source TV: connect

mfg BlueJays
The last possible day to play this match is Saturday 02.06.12 cause the next round starts on Sunday.
I'm sry guys then we to play today because some of us will be in holiday next week, so eleminate the first map guys
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