Letal-Team vs. WHITE FForces
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 WHITE FForces
Status: deleted
MatchID 13067362
Date Tuesday, 05 May 22:00
Calculated Monday, 11 May 09:42
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comments (14)
Hi, play in our server i think, its UK tick100 so its neutral.

SERVER: (pass:ltwar)

We wants as our map dod_coire_rc3.
we take harrington
Ok, we confirm dod_coire_rc3 for us & dod_harrington for 'em.
Can Rbull play the war of this evening ?
we can't play tonight

(2 players can't play this day)

we can play Tuesday or Wednesday if you want ?
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ok. tuesday

can play 22:00¿?
i look for that and thanks to change date ;)
it's ok for the hours :=
We cant play tonight or tomorrow, sorry, we arent enough people, only can play thursday or sunday.

Tell us something.
Couldn't you tell us earlier?
It's very late to tell it 1 hour before the war.
We can only play tomorrow because from thursday to monday, we are participating in the Ping-Arena LAN event.
or we can play after the lan ;)
Hey Tsu, u dont see at what hour some member of ur team told us that u cant play??

So, read before write pls. We know this at same hour than u.

Otherwise, sorry for the problems. We cant play tomorrow like i said, only thursday or sunday, so i think is better after the LAN.
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the last day to play that match is the 10th may
As said it Tsu, we participate at Ping Arena so we'll be able to play this match only after the LAN
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