WHITE FForces vs. Nipple Addiction Multigaming
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 WHITE FForces
 Nipple Addiction Multigaming
Status: closed
MatchID 13067360
Date Thursday, 23 April 22:00
Calculated Monday, 11 May 09:37
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dod_harrington 0 : 5
dod_lennon :
Nipple Addiction Multigaming wins !
Points 0 : +3
Friday, 24 April 23:41
Round 1*
434 kB, Friday, 24 April 23:41, by 3575280 (n\a)
* No longer available
no reply from to other clan
the match of yesterdat 23-APRIL-09 wasnt played bacause the clan oponent didnt come. We tryed to contanct with them but we dident get a message during that day so here we leave the recon status . we are open to talk if the need something. ;D
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comments (5)
plz confirme the date!
can you answer me plz??
last day to play this match is the 10th may, contact me if you agreed a date and i can enter it at the website here
tomorrow at 22h
map is salerno.

reply as soon as possible.
connect ; password nawar

gl & hf
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