War bent vs. ssd# eSports orange
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 War bent
 ssd# eSports orange
Status: closed
MatchID 27121652
Date Sunday, 11/11/12 14:00
Calculated 11/11/12 17:00
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Result Media
dod_catania_rc2 0 : 2
dod_diversion_b4 0 : 2
ssd# eSports orange wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
11/11/12 14:24
260 kB, 11/11/12 14:24, by magge (ssd#)
* No longer available

ssd# eSports orange

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comments (16)
connect; password war
hi, connect; password WBC
Hi we have new server

connect; password esl
tv: connect
hi, connect; password WBC
connect; password esl DBlocker is 1.8h?
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your map your server our map our server

yes is 1.8
2 edits
The lastest version of DBlocker is 1.8h
i know it
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on our server running DBlocker is 1.8h
we play one map on your server one map on our .

dblocker does not work and is therefore not required
you have a server bad if DBlocker is 1.8h
doesn't work)). buy the new server
no we write this in the next time on esl news that the dblocker doesnt work .

your server has a old version

if you like your updatet dblocker server does not work anymore. You can believe me that I am self-admin Esl and knew immediately when work would again dblocker
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we ask to move the match to 12 or 13 numbers, because two of our players do not have Internet

ask you to transfer the match
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no sry we must play today
we now have all the players there. that's the short term because you would have to draw wildcard 24 hours in advance.
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We are 4 players

We would love to play with you, but the circumstances, we are sorry. (
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we had played so bad like it is defwin

we wait on our server
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gl in next Matches
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