Br0ther in Fight vs. Durham Light Infantry
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 Br0ther in Fight
 Durham Light Infantry
Status: closed
MatchID 16104000
Date Sunday, 29/11/09 16:15
Calculated 23/12/09 06:57
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dod_anzio 0 : 5
tba :
Durham Light Infantry wins !
Points 0 : +3
comments (20)
can play after 21CET plz??
could we possibly rearrange this to monday 30th? as weekends arent really a great time for us. yes 21cet will be fine.
if play in week we play after 22CET... my players working....
mm 22cet is far to late for us :/ 21cet is the latest we play, can you guys play 21cet anytime this week?
nvm... we can play tonight at 21cet.
connect; password pcw
guys can we please play this sometime this week, at 21cet, 22cet is to late for us.
and 21cet is to soon for us :S
What about every single game you have played before 22:00 CET?
Elgo, we CAN´T play before 22:00, sorry men.
Iceagex, we CAN´T PLAY after 22:00, sorry men.
there, we cant play. gL
ok, so we don´t play then hehehe.........¬¬
give us a defwin pl0x
going to play and win that deserves it ... not with the ff.
please respond as soon as possible.
when can u play then? before 22cet pref.
comon guys give us a default win
default win? lol??

wtf is this?....
Then say a time you can play and stop dodging the match...
this match is a joke tbh
match forfeited as BiF didnt manage to play their last 2 matches within the groupstage
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