CLAN C.C.E vs. in memory of place2be.dods
Contestants Parameters
 14.  12.

 in memory of place2be.dods
Status: closed
MatchID 26286043
Date Wednesday, 06 June 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 07 June 01:17
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Result Media
dod_salerno 1 : 9
dod_argentan 0 : 11
in memory of place2be.dods wins !
Points -21 : +21
Thursday, 07 June 02:11
Round 2 - - Karacho*
505 kB, Thursday, 07 June 02:11, by 3998895 (place²be)
Thursday, 07 June 02:11
Round 4 - - Karacho*
672 kB, Thursday, 07 June 02:11, by 3998895 (place²be)
* No longer available


in memory of place2be.dods

result is wrong!
dear ESL-Admins,

in cause of a fault, the result of our match vs CLAN C.C.E is wrong.

we won both maps, our team-captain just filled in the wrong caps and opponent accepted this

pls correct that for us, i hope the opponent will upload screens asap, too prove the right result, but with the 2 screens that are already uploaded you can see, that this result cant be right

mfg Karacho
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