Xth LeGioN vs. bse-gaming.com
Contestants Parameters
 24.  9.

 Xth LeGioN
Status: closed
MatchID 29166917
Date Sunday, 24 November 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 26 November 01:07
map dod_catania_rc2/dod_solitude_match
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0 : 4
bse-gaming.com wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 24 November 20:18
uploaded with ESL Wire 2013-11-24_00001.jpg*
144 kB, Sunday, 24 November 20:18, by 4772872 (bse.)
Sunday, 24 November 20:17
uploaded with ESL Wire dod_argentan0000.jpg*
97 kB, Sunday, 24 November 20:17, by 4186669 (bse.)
Sunday, 24 November 20:17
uploaded with ESL Wire dod_argentan0001.jpg*
159 kB, Sunday, 24 November 20:17, by 4186669 (bse.)
* No longer available


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comments (8)
Can you guys play wednesday 20cet? w00tw00t
no, we cant
Tomorrow 20cet? We obv can't tonight :)
look at match date. we cant play another day, coze 20:00CET is 23:00RU
connect; password bse
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connect; password bse
Well, I suppose that there is no need to tell the admins to consider that they did not even try to reschedule this game, and andswered to Voll 3 days after his message, forcing us to gather 6 guys to play after adding me on Steam at 19.55cet if we didn't want to lose by default...

Do I need to say more? Could an admin tell them how this actually works, and that teams need at least to try to agree on a date at first?
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