DoD Nations Championship 2008 Winners
The year inclines to the end so did our nations championship too. Just the day before yesterday was the last match played, by poland and germany, in this years nation championship of the ESL. We could induce 15 Teams to signup for the first groupstage. Just to mention some...
Denmark - DoD
Team Finland
Team Sweden 1.3 '08
Switzerland dod1.3
Germany DoD:S

All teams stated above were favored to win this championship. But it all went completely different. In the first group, the three big teams of Switzerland,
Danemark and Finland become first, second and third, with all the same amount of points and just different DeCL-Points. No suprise at all til here, maybe that Finland isnt second. Unfortunately Sweden just signed up, but didnt took part in the cup, since some internal Problems. In the second group, we got two favourites teams, with
Germany and France. One of these two could fulfil the expectations. Germany became first and Spain third right behind the Polish team. France just took the 5th place.


Germany and Switzerland got a bye, cause they were first in their group. So we got Finland versus Spain and Poland versus Dankemark.
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Spain beat Finland pretty conclusive as Poland did the same with Danemark. After this we were going into the semifinals.
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Game for third Place

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Grand final

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Poland managed to beat Germany in the Grandfinal and Switzerland got a walkover, since Spain didnt show up. Congrats to Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Day of Defeat Nations Championship

Groupstagerankings & Cuptree

Thanks to all participating nations!

Your ESL Day of Defeat Admin Team
K0rN, Tuesday, 23/12/08 17:33
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big thx to all teams and players who participated in the tournament

also big thx to admin who took care on this tournament
I'm happy to play default and finish 3rd :) A lot of unknow player must hax to be better. This is the game.... If aequitas was mandatory, a lot of player didn't play the nation cup. So sad :(

Just look team results ;)
Well, it's always easier to admit to yourself that u lost to an "unknown cheater player" than just "unknown player", who you consider to be worse than yourself. Anyway, if aequitas was mandatory you would be 3rd as well, face it! ("So sad:(" - to you it is).

<3 ppl whining when they lost!
Learn how to loose, ty!
oh I forgott! GG all!
I didn't say Poland cheated. you are a victim Edwin...

"<3 ppl whining when they lost!
Learn how to loose, ty!"
I'm sorry but in 2008:
+ 1st ODC DoDFr #4

Cfg default + ah 0 + cl_partiflex 0 + high rate.

And you, do you play in ESL/ED? <3 ppl whining when I say the reality.

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But why would somebody care if u won sth ages ago?

What's more, yes i did play ESL/ED (with good results), even before you participated in it (much stronger dod scene). But it has no connection with this tournament, has it?

if you say that winner is a victim, i am completely fine with it.

PS. arsenik arsenik arsenik... it was a Nations Cup, am i wrong?
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And one more thing you won all these tournaments cos we didn't participate :<
GG all.

Next NC with Aequitas or X-ray and ESL ADMINS DOD 1.3 not AFK every day @ IRC.


PD: Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Despite few defaults, this NC was a success. It's maybe too early to speak of next NC, but ESL could arrange it some time in 2009 anyway :)
we will see about that Tykari, but thanks for the commendation
Gratz , champions!
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