Praetorians of Violence vs. gott bin ich bloed.dod - haesslich
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 20.  27.

 Praetorians of Violence
 gott bin ich bloed.dod - haesslich
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MatchID 1190936
Date Wednesday, 16 June 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 16 June 21:54
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dod_anzio 741 : 513
dod_anzio 484 : 548
Praetorians of Violence wins !
Points +1 : -1
GBiB vs PoV
GBiB changed their map to Donner and we agreed. np guys. today match vs GBiB started 20:00. PoV started Anzio Allies and puts GBiB under heavy pressure. most of the time we got plaza, bridge and laundry. PoV got 1 fullcap, GBiB none. Changing GBiB as Allies, they defend hard the double flags, we couldn`t take plaza cause they got nice defence positions. they hold most of the time 3 flags and got one Fullcap. PoV fullcaped 2 times but it wasn`t enough to win the round.
Changing Map to Donner. Hard fight around the tank. GBiB capped 3rd and hold it most of the time. But in the last 6 minutes they put us under heavy pressure and we had problems to manage our defence and counter attack. In the end we could defend our flag. Nice going GBiB.
During this 3 rounds i`ve got ping problems. Reconnect during 1st Donner map doesn`t makes it better. So i left for the last map and =hky=|#pov-clan filled our team. I can`t say anything about this round. But, we won.
thx 4 game and gl in future.
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