Beat the Developers! *** UPDATE ***
It's one of your dreams to beat the developers of a game? Don't panic! We don't want to chase you against the developers of DEMIGOD, at least not real. Virtual we give you the unique chance to show your skills: the American developers of DEMIGOD will play against the winning team of the "Battle the Developer" Qualification Cup.
Yes, it's right. With a little bit luck and of course skill, you can show the developers of DEMIGOD, that you play the game better than they can. Gas Powered Games is intense involved in the development and optimation of DEMIGOD. They would like to thank all current players of DEMIGOD. This is a nice gesture in our opinion. Also the winners of the Qualification Cup will win a hand signed PC version of DEMIGOD!

From now on you can subscribe your team for the Qualification Cup "Battle the Developer". All teams from Europe, which are registered in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and have listed a valid gameaccount, can participate at the cup.

The Qualification Cup will be held in the 3on3 mode. But before you will get the chance to play against the developers from Gas Powered Games you must win the Qualification Cup. But not enough... The team which will win the Qualification Cup will have the honour to play against the developers, win a hand signed DEMIGOD PC version and they will be content of the ESL TV show which will be aired in July. "Battle the Developers": This program will be awesome! More information will follow soon.

Details & Procedure of the "Battle the Developer" Cup

Step 1: Join with your 3on3 team this Qualification Cup. If you do not have a team or team mates, just open a thread in the ESL DEMIGOD Forum.

Step 2: If your sign up was successful you have to play your first match at 22th of July.

Step 3: When your team is the winning team of the Qualification Cup you will get the unique chance to play against the developers of DEMIGOD.

3on3 - Qualification Cup "Battle the Developer"

Settings: Screenshot
Dates t& Maps:

*** UPDATE ***

Round 1: 22nd of July 09 20:00 - Prison
Round 2: 26th of July 09 20:00 - Leviathan
Final: 29th of July 09 20:00 - Cataract
Depending on the number of contestants the cup may be made bigger and the Overall Final will be held at 2nd of August 2009.

Sign up here!

We will provide you all the time with new information about the "Battle of the Developers" Cup. New news about the Finalcup and the introduction of the developer team will follow soon.

ESL DEMIGOD powered by

At this point we would like to thank Atari and Stardock for their support!

We wish you good luck and a lot of fun at the battle against the developers.

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nice =)
die cheaten doch ^^
searching for third mate - if you are skilled and wanna join us for this cup contact me @ icq:
cant wait for it. A shame only 8 teams signed up :(
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