Grand opening of Cube2 Section part 1
Cube2 : Sauerbraten, a nice free fast FPS game that everyone should try once in his life. You asked for it in our forums, the ESL heard you! Be prepared, it's coming. After a few days of preparation, we are proud to announce the first ESL Cup on Cube2 : Sauerbraten.


For the grand opening of the section an opening cup in Instangib mode has been created
If you have time : Signup here


The cup will start on Monday at 20:00 CET. It has 32 slots (it can be extended if more players applied). You'll have 2 days to play your match so you will also be able to participate in what will be released tomorrow.

Cube 2 Opening Cup Part 1
Cupdetails Start: 29.06.09
 Contestants: 32 Players
 Cupmode: Single Elimination, Best of Three (Bo3)

23.06.200917:00 UhrSignup startSignup
29.06.200918:00 UhrSingup end
29.06.200920:00 H1. RoundCube2
01.07.200920:00 H2. Round
03.07.200920:00 H3. Round
05.07.200920:00 H4. Round
07.07.200920:00 HFinalCube2
07.07.200920:00 H3rd Place Game


You will find some of the rules and the settings here. There is also a link to the global Cube2 Rules.

What comes next

The Opening second part will be released tomorrow with also a big announcement and some goodies.


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Xp', Tuesday, 23/06/09 15:15
Cube 2 1on1 Instagib Opening Cup
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Nice works :)
thank you so much!
woohoo I'm excited about this :)
lol this game is only good for modding and not even for that-
who are u for say that :)

go away.
Good luck with this ESL section! It's been a long time since Cube or Sauerbraten had their appearance here.
oh we has cup nao^^
Let's get it started now
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gj :-)
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