2easy - EMS vs. Dinate.ems
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 2easy - EMS
Status: closed
MatchID 21522801
Date Monday, 14 February 20:00
Calculated Monday, 14 February 21:05
map de_train
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16 : 14
2easy - EMS wins !
14/02/11 21:03
uploaded with ESL Wire round1.jpg
189 kB, 14/02/11 21:03, by davE (Dinate)
14/02/11 21:04
uploaded with ESL Wire round2.jpg
158 kB, 14/02/11 21:04, by davE (Dinate)
14/02/11 21:03
uploaded with ESL Wire status1.jpg
166 kB, 14/02/11 21:03, by davE (Dinate)
14/02/11 21:03
uploaded with ESL Wire status2.jpg
129 kB, 14/02/11 21:03, by davE (Dinate)
14/02/11 21:54
Demo - - devlol
20.9 MB, 14/02/11 21:54, by 3921388 (2e)
14/02/11 21:39
Demo - - paV
5.7 MB, 14/02/11 21:39, by paV (2e)
15/02/11 01:01
paV - all demos
23.2 MB, 15/02/11 01:01, by paV (2e)
14/02/11 21:28
uploaded with ESL Wire stv.zip
14.4 MB, 14/02/11 21:28, by davE (Dinate)
Matchmedia Requests
14/02/11 15:26 paV (2e) t
14/02/11 15:26 3921388 (2e) t

2easy - EMS


13/02/11 07:34


IP: PW: tba


Our first match for this EMS vs 2easy, we'll try to march through the EMS VIII qualification and here is our practical test.

2easy - EMS
13/02/11 11:33

Our first game at the EMS Qualification this year, i think this year we shouldn't have any problems. How i said our first game vs a team called "BAZINGA!", never heard of any of em, so looking for a very easy win.

Hf guys, enjoy it!
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comments (14)
hi guys lets start the veto choice.

you are the left team, start to eliminate the first map.
It's tommorow 20CET right? That's 19UK TIME?
ye right. please start to choose a map! do it late and u will get pp's.

de_contra de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke de_season de_train de_tuscan
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wasn't it here so

de_contra de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke de_tuscan de_train de_season
You just eliminated 2maps :D?
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read the rules .. oO

* the left team begins to eliminate the first map
* the right team eliminates second map and third map
* the left team eliminates fourth and fifth map
* the right team eliminates sixth map
* the last one will be played, starting with a cut round.

u cant read? "easy win"
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sorry i'm not German i don't sit on ESL 24/7
de_nuke de_tuscan
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gg wp
gg guys, close match - well played
GL in your other games!

demo's beeing uploaded now!

Don't know why u asking for dev his demo :D, he got 2 frags on t side! but he's uploading it now
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Still waiting.
There you go.
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gonna upload dev his demo because he's got some problems, he uploaded it alrdy 100% but the demo is not there. I i'll upload it myself, few mins.

DEMO UP FINNALY :D! He uploaded it as .rar b4, so thats why it didn't upload before.

Once again, GG.

Demos are up.
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