koka vs. iFx__-
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 326.  0.

Status: closed
MatchID 17440135
Date Sunday, 14 February 21:21
Calculated Sunday, 14 February 21:59
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
map de_chateau
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11 : 5
koka wins !
Points +21 : -21
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comments (11)
password pcw17; connect

hi, playing dust?
my css crashed
you leaved by yourself! disconnect by user...

you will rejoin?
if not i have to open a Protest right now..
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LOL I went to go but you were not it
i come
I'm already on the server alone

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were are you now???

you leaved the second time by yourself!!!
css is always falling, you win 11-5!

I can not play
ok, gg
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