zhunder vs. st4r
Contestants Parameters
 972.  849.

Status: closed
MatchID 10605576
Date Saturday 16 August 2008 02:26
Calculated Saturday 16 August 2008 06:33
map de_dust2
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Result Media
12 : 16
st4r wins !
Points -21 : +21
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comments (15)
ip pw?
connect ; passwor kpo
bad password
hey men demo ct plz..
you have 30minutes time after match to advice me to upload demo but now it's 48minutes after the match

if you had adviced me in the 30minutes i have 24hours to upload but now it's to late

here the rule: Demanding demos - Counter Strike: Source
Demos can only be demanded up to a maximum of 30 minutes after a match via the 'Request match media (demos/replays)' function on the match details page.

but i can send you the demo via ICQ or Email
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i say you in 1on1 the demo -.-..
yes but you musst demand the demo over the "Matchmedia (Demos/Replays) fordern" button only so it's correct read rules

or i send you out of the ESL the demo via ICQ or when it's possible per email
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... your noob? demo plz or you use cheats ^^?
plz no unfair words

your time is over and i say i can send you the demo via icq or email then you can watch it.

your PPs are interesting "bunnyhop-scripts"? why you use this?

rules are rules nobody can break them.

and i can only ask you
Demo via ICQ or Email?

your email adress?

before you join the "1on1int." you must read the rules in all details
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I'm not a cheater when you will watch my demo i can send it to you by email or via icq
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demo ;) my email are javier_fuster@hotmail.com
Email has been send to javier_fuster@hotmail.com

HF with it

but remember next time demand demo in 30minutes^^
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oh i'm sry it's the t-demo i try to upload the ct in my email and send it to you again but it take a few minutes to upload it in my email i send it tomorrow because now i go to bed

hf gl in esl and rl
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ok ok no problem ;) cu me accept result but de demo plz ;)
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