tSoPeLiXxX vs. coNo
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Status: closed
MatchID 29511555
Date Monday, 03 February 15:00
Calculated Wednesday, 05 February 00:07
Round Round of 64
map Dust2
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23 : 7
tSoPeLiXxX wins !
Tuesday, 04 February 20:25
Round 1*
35 kB, Tuesday, 04 February 20:25, by tSoPeLiXxX
* No longer available
29/01/14 06:07
Additonal Information

Draw: In case of a draw, you should play the match again on another map. Please do this as soon as possible and not three days later. If there is also a draw or you don't play your rematch fast enough, we decide through the number of bombed targets, defused bombs, planted bombs or, if there is still a draw, the number of frags of a team.

Final: The final is a Best-of-Three-Match, where the player from the Winner Bracket starts with a 1:0 lead. The player from the Loser Bracket has to win twice to win the final. Two draws would mean a win for the player from the Winner Bracket (because the 1:0 after three matches).
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