grynn vs. dmw
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Status: closed
MatchID 24952796
Date Monday, 09 January 14:00
Calculated Wednesday, 11 January 01:08
Round Round of 16
map Aztec
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6 : 18
dmw wins !
Tuesday, 10 January 20:28
Round 1*
28 kB, Tuesday, 10 January 20:28, by dmw
* No longer available
comments (3)
I'm sorry for delay with this game, I would welcome mail notification for generated games! Didnt even know about the game :(

2012-01-10 20:00 - ladder.esl @ de_aztec
numen ∴ I don't give a chainsaw - nXo » Always Bet on Duke
dmw wrote:
I would welcome mail notification for generated games

Thank you for your feedback. As I know automatic notifications for cup matches are not possible. But maybe we can send an info mail after the seedings. So you get a mail for the first match of a cup, the other matches you have to check manually.
Any email would be better than nothing :) Since my gaming career ended years ago I visit esl rarely just to accept games for csm. So with no reminder I can easily miss my games.
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