CM Storm Opening Cup: Re-watch the ESL TV matches
The CM Storm Opening Cup for CS:GO has found its winner. Team ROCKSTAR with GeT_RiGht and f0rest won the grand final on yesterdays show with 2:0 over Team CRG. You can now see both the Grand Final as well as CRG's way to the match on the ESL TV VoDs now. Enjoy CS:GO action en masse!

The HD VoDs have arrived

To give you all the maximum out of the ESL TV matches of the CM Storm Opening Cup, we just released the free to watch HD VoDs of both matches. Enjoy the action in the best quality for free now!

Semi Final #2 mysterious VS. CodeRed
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Grand Final ROCKSTAR VS. CodeRed
Part 1 Part 2

The VoDs of the ESL TV Matches

Even though you know the results both games give you a good insight on both the new designs of the maps and the new or changed weapons. There are some nice Molotovs as well as all the big maps from the other CS versions being played. Enjoy de_inferno, de_dust2, de_train and de_nuke in their enhanced tournament versions for CS:GO!

Semi Final #2 mysterious VS. CodeRed
Grand Final ROCKSTAR VS. CodeRed

We really hope you enjoyed the two shows and are now on fire for the upcoming Go4CSGO series. If you are, head over to CM Storm on Facebook to show them as well. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming cup series too!

Soodi, Thursday, 28/06/12 08:19
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Rockstar played good in Grand Final.
We will be releasing the HD VoDs for free on top for this cup. We will update the news as soon as they are available :)
Too bad some people never got their keys at all.
une clee plz
esuoh wrote:
Too bad some people never got their keys at all.
All tickets regarding keys have been answered. We had enough keys for 1024 teams and those keys have been given out. We had the later news updates so on Sunday there was a big paragraph telling not to check in, if you had no keys and that we will try to get more soon.


Wtf is supposed to mean "Enjoy CS:GO action en masse!" ? :D I don't get it
The first csgo cup is postponed to the next week right (07/8)?
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