-Professionelle UMLEGER vs. ancients
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 -Professionelle UMLEGER
Status: closed
MatchID 28871023
Date Wednesday, 28 August 20:15
Calculated Wednesday, 28 August 21:18
Round Semifinals
map BO1
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Result Media
16 : 8
-Professionelle UMLEGER wins !
Thursday, 29 August 00:09
de_mirage_ce r1
237 kB, Thursday, 29 August 00:09, by TONI_SOSA (cupNN)
Thursday, 29 August 00:09
de_mirage_ce r2
231 kB, Thursday, 29 August 00:09, by TONI_SOSA (cupNN)

-Professionelle UMLEGER


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This match is a Best of 1. The team on the left side starts vetoing, followed by the veto of the team on the right. Afterwards the next maps are vetoed the same order. The last map in the pool is the map of the match.

Maps are:
- de_dust2_se
- de_inferno_se
- de_train_se
- de_nuke_se
- de_mirage_ce
- de_season
- de_cache

Please include the GOTV IP for our streamer so this match can be covered.

Coverage will be done by ESL TVs Lauren 'pansy' Scott on:

Good luck and have fun!
connect;Password ogoenro

GOTV: connect

20:24:54 V1CE: -d2
20:25:21 denis: -train
20:25:31 V1CE: -season
20:25:42 denis: -nuke
20:26:23 V1CE: -cache
20:26:30 denis: -inferno
play mirage
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