Wr00mz all day vs. Blazehawk eSports
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 Wr00mz all day
 Blazehawk eSports
Status: closed
MatchID 29443335
Date Sunday, 02 March 14:00
Calculated Sunday, 02 March 15:10
Round Round of 128
map de_dust2
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1 : 0
Wr00mz all day wins ! (Default Win)

Blazehawk eSports

Wr00mz all day
02/03/14 08:56
no wire login
2 enemys dont got wire login...
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comments (5)
connect;password pracc
We had, but they just didnt know about that box you have the klick with anti-cheat. Cause both started it with esl wire.
gg wp :)
We won beacuse we were better, not because of the esl wire thing. I can't see that as a problem cause both started it with esl wire but they didnt know that they had to check the box thing.
I never see a bug with esl wire - No config upload and no esl wire login - Lets see what says the admin.
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