enVize vs. FAME FABRIK!
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Status: closed
MatchID 27434915
Date Sunday, 09 December 16:30
Calculated Sunday, 09 December 17:26
Round Round of 32
map de_nuke_ve
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Result Media
16 : 5
enVize wins !
Sunday, 09 December 17:18
425 kB, Sunday, 09 December 17:18, by xiNNN (FAME)
Sunday, 09 December 17:21
uploaded with ESL Wire dec9_esl_r3_nuke.zip
25.3 MB, Sunday, 09 December 17:21, by ZEN (enVize)
Sunday, 09 December 17:18
uploaded with ESL Wire dec9_go4csgo_match_2_nuke.zip
24.8 MB, Sunday, 09 December 17:18, by cmn (enVize)
Sunday, 09 December 17:27
uploaded with ESL Wire hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.zip
22.5 MB, Sunday, 09 December 17:27, by RAISY (enVize)
Sunday, 09 December 17:22
uploaded with ESL Wire nemetek.zip
25.6 MB, Sunday, 09 December 17:22, by gabesson (enVize)
Matchmedia Requests
09/12/12 11:14 cmn (enVize) CT
09/12/12 11:14 RAISY (enVize) CT
09/12/12 11:14 ZEN (enVize) T
09/12/12 11:14 gabesson (enVize) T


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comments (5) pw pracc
gg, not convinient to play agasint them, would not recommend.
16-5. Besides everything said, I would like to point out they are the kind of team who can't accept a loss, would rather try their chances and open a protest just to get through. Hats off my men, you are truly going ballsy, what can I say, the already close to zero respect I had for you is gone. Demos inc.
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pls look at your accounts :D nonames, fakeaccount and poor cheats :D never seen something like that hahah
Jade wrote:
pls look at your accounts :D nonames, fakeaccount and poor cheats :D never seen something like that hahah

1, We all are known and to some extent respected unlike you guys.
2, No fake accounts, you can't be serious, just look at the registration date
3, Cheats right? I'm amazed how with basically 0 ammount of practice we smashed you, because on the grand scale we are bad right now, but you are horrible.
yes pls upload ur demo...then we will see :)
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