Rasta.Xd vs. you stay classy
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 you stay classy
Status: closed
MatchID 29586590
Date Monday, 10 February 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 11 February 01:10
Round Quarterfinals
map BO3
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1 : 2
you stay classy wins !

you stay classy

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All teams who managed to qualify for regional final have been locked, which means that if you need to make a change within a team, you will need to contact us first (via support ticket). There is no possibility of changing the date of the match and we would like all the matches to start on time, so please get yourself organised. It is also possible that your match will be delayed by 30 minutes (or more) so that we can wait for streamers to finish covering the other match. Only streamers who were given the broadcasting rights for this tournament are allowed to stream this match.

All matches in regional final will be covered by HLTV.org, therefore we will need GOTV IP, PW, RELAYPW and some extra commands to be entered on the server (for scorebot and statistics). If you wish to play on your own server, then you will have to provide us with RCON password (via private message or support ticket). Otherwise, we will provide you with our own ESL server (DE location - provided by gamed.de).

In regional final all matches will be played in Single Elimination bracket, in Best of Three format. The team on the left starts banning, followed by the veto of the team on the right. Afterwards the first maps are picked following the same order. The last map in the pool is the possible decider. The mappool includes the following maps:

- de_nuke
- de_dust2
- de_train
- de_inferno
- de_mirage

Please choose your maps as quickly as possible and post them in the comments. If you have any further questions please contact us via support ticket.

Good luck and have fun!
connect; password war
GOTV: pm
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