damagerr v4 vs. unnamed players
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 damagerr v4
 unnamed players
Status: closed
MatchID 27536034
Date Thursday, 27 December 21:30
Calculated Thursday, 27 December 22:42
Round Round of 16
map de_dust2_se
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0 : 1
unnamed players wins !
Thursday, 27 December 22:25
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 01.jpg
183 kB, Thursday, 27 December 22:25, by Rexus (x)
Thursday, 27 December 22:25
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 02.jpg
177 kB, Thursday, 27 December 22:25, by Rexus (x)
Thursday, 27 December 22:24
uploaded with ESL Wire de_dust2_se0000.jpg
187 kB, Thursday, 27 December 22:24, by mrqyo (damagerr.)
Thursday, 27 December 22:35
33.7 MB, Thursday, 27 December 22:35, by koss (x)
Thursday, 27 December 22:53
Demo - - timz
31.4 MB, Thursday, 27 December 22:53, by timz (x)
Sunday, 30 December 18:30
uploaded with ESL Wire fsadfsdaf.zip
32.2 MB, Sunday, 30 December 18:30, by gerdi (damagerr.)
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27/12/12 16:22 timz (x) demos
27/12/12 16:22 koss (x) demos

damagerr v4

unnamed players

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comments (3) pcw esl

falls euer nicht mehr on kommt
wie halt alle auf einmal hinter K.oS her sind weil irgendwer auf readmore gehated hat... i like :)

Just for all the guys who try unseriously to get K.oS cleanbusted by saying "he is always statsleader and carry " and talking to other teams to make as much TT`s against him as possible to influence the AC-Admins. I am tired of reading all those lies so here`s something you should know before you start talking.

1. Fact:
Initiated is this coursing by team damagerrr (who`s members a most part of a german a series opponent of us/NOD.WEBGala) because K.oS busted a mate of them in a 3on3 match so they got disqualified for the EPS relegation. Here the link to the match there mate marv got busted by a TT of K.oS http://www.esl.eu/eu/csgo/3on3/ladder/match/27429700/ And since that they are trying everything to take revenge on K.oS even though they know that K.oS is a well known serious and even on lan successfull player. Other players who are hating K.oS on pages like readmore are mates of ha kuh a guy I busted on A series too. http://www.esl.eu/de/csgo/5on5/aseries/match/27325010/

2. Fact:
K.oS is not always Carry as you can see on the following screenshots:

3. Fact:
We are a well known team qualified for the EPS relegation and we always are trying to get hackers busted. That creates a lot of haters who are mad about getting their mates busted by us. And do you seriously think that we would play with K.oS if we had the slightest doubt that he is clean? No we wouldn`t. And do you seriously think that K.oS cheats 2 weeks in non-interesting cup 2 weeks before he plays the EPS relegation (at a bootcamp) even he would be a cheater? That stupid even a cheater wouldn`t be i think. And would you all have writen this non-sense TT`s and hated K.oS if you knew that before? I don`t think so.... But doesn`t matter K.oS is clean so the TT`s will be closed in a couple of days anyway. But after that it`s time for y`all to get serious again.
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