Team  CSGO  id:  6072175
Team is a finnish multigaming organization. Our goal is to help lesser known teams and players to rise into the top of the eSports world by offering them financial and mental support. Currently we are supporting three different gaming teams: Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty 4 and StarCraft II.


The story of Team begins from the year 2006 when ten friends of multiplayer games united to Battlefield 2 team. Menace started from the bottom but managed to rise into the top of the finnish BF2 scene with relentless practicing. At 2008 it was time to rethink our position in eSports world. The team came to an agreement that best way to help eSports scene to grow was to start a multigaming organization. Same hard working attitude that helped us to reach the top is now the main principle of Team


2nd - Insomnia XIV BYOC, Pori, Finland
3rd - CS:GO Go4CSGO Cup #32
3rd/4th - CS:GO Cups EMS EU Qualifier, Online
3rd/4th - TNC CM Storm CS:GO #1
4th - Lantrek\'13 BYOC, Tampere, Finland
5th - ESPC #1 NON-BYOC, Helsinki, Finland