CS:GO - First impressions and look out
Last Wednesday, a group of over 20 pro players and other eSports personae were brought to Seattle to meet Valve. Without really knowing what we were there for, we were asked to play the new Counter-Strike, named Global Offensive. I'd like to share some of my impressions and thought about CS:GO with you now.

CS: Global Offensive - The long awaited CS2 or another CS:CZ?

On the first day of the meeting, we were invited to lunch with some of the developers before being told or shown anything. A lot of questions were asked, here is just a short summary of some of the basic facts:

CS:GO is not supposed to be "CS2" but a game that's "fun to play"
Even though the "GO" might sound like f2p/item store game, it will be retail
Beta is planned to begin in October 2011, release is planed for early 2012
CS:GO be a multiplatform game (PC, Mac, XBox 360 and PS3)
It will feature a casual and a pro mode
New weapons like molotov cocktail, decoy grenade and a taser
GO will have more than the standard four weapons useful for high level play
Remakes of de_dust and de_aztec are planned for 5on5 matches
CS:S will still be regularly updated
Hidden Path is and will continue working on CS:S and CS:GO

With this information we moved on to the Valve headquarters to play CS:GO for the first time. Everyone was very excited about how it would feel and might look like. Would it withstand the intensive testing and scrutiny of the players?

A slow start and huge development

On Day 1 most of us agreed that a lot felt wrong. The recoil was kind of random, single shots went up to the sky, automatic kevlar and helmet broke the money system. Therefore, the impressions from Day 1 were quite disillusioning as you might have read in statements from a few players. Our feedback was very wide spread as well as detailed regarding different topics. All of our wishes and comments were written down and the final words of the day were "Let's see what we can change for Day 2"

On Day 2 CS:GO felt completely different. The game had changed so much over night that almost everyone was impressed at how much we had got changed after just one single day of testing and feedback. One of the biggest steps by Valve was inviting us all to a private forum where our future feedback will be discussed in a smaller group. This will not only include the people invited this weekend, but also other players and notable eSports figures will have their say on how the game should develop.

After this we discussed the recent changes in the CS:S Beta and what else we would like to see or how we imagine CS:S should be in the near future. Netcode, some weapon changes, a lot of fixes like flashes on different graphics cards and many more things were brought up. All of this will be continued to be discussed in the invite forums and we will continue to have our say there.

Random list of notes about CS:GO

As it would be quite hard to have all the little details in larger context or situation, I will just give short feedback on what I have seen in those two days of playing. This is neither complete nor have to be 100% correct but just what I remember about the game.

CS:GO is running on the latest Source Engine (L4D2)
5on5 matchmaking planed for both solo players and teams (nothing else)
DirectX 9 only; no switching possible; Flashes to be adjusted for ATI/nVidia
Money system reworked; based on the changes with auto armor
Model size as well as hitboxes slightly reduced
SourceTV is not a high priority at the moment (compared to other features)

Kevlar and helmet not buyable; automatically added every round
Only one defuse kit which drops only on death and can be picked up
SMGs are buffed; will be compensated by damage reduction over distance
Pistol damage reduced (mainly Glock and USP)
Molotov Cocktail: Works well to stop or prevent rushes; Costs 850$
Decoy: Makes gun noises and is shown on the radar; Costs 200$
Taser: Has one shot (drops afterwards), short range, kills on hit; Costs $1000

New stairs from lower to side; should make splits more common
Direct connection from sniper to side with a new bridge
A spot moved to the front of the CT spawn area
T spawn area up the ramp to make the lower passage more playable

Sideway down to the water directed to the T spawn now
Most box and block sizes reduced; added pathways around a lot
Added fog over the water-pass

Lower spot overhauled
Underground back entrance removed
Vents only open to the spot
Only the CT door to the window/lab remained
Giant boiler on the upper spot; Reducing the open field
Boxes on the outside have been lowered

Banana reworked for better defence
Sideway at pillars blocked
Blocking plate at car added
Connector from 1st to 2nd middle removed
Multiple boxes and items resized

ESL TV CS:GO Special with Joe and Bastian

Conclusion: The big meeting was a huge step forward!

After having a lot of feedback and updates after the Orange Box Update, this is a huge step for both Valve and us in having a more clear way of providing feedback, for both CS:S and CS:GO. We can now have a real impact on how our game should be and Valve have presented themselves more than willing to listen to the players and leagues.

So most of us agreed after two long and exciting days that the future for both CS:S and CS:GO is looking really good. Quite a lot about CS:GO can, might and will be changed, but listening to the pro's who have been playing extensively on the engine is a good step forward for all of us.

We definitely can look forwards to a bright future for Counter-Strike!
Soodi, Tuesday, 16/08/11 12:03
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Sounds interesting :)
I hope the bullet casings come out of the proper side of the gun this time...
:D Ich werde aufjeden fall das Spiel kaufen ;) Hoffe es wird wie mit CSS in der ESL.
Es wird 100% son Cod verschnitt
hört sich alles geil , ich muss CS:GO kaufen
cs>css>csgo ...
Taser: One shot, short range, kills on hit; Costs $1000

loool :D
outlaw wrote:
cs>css>csgo ...

nichts mehr hinzu zufügen
wenn ich schon "molotov cocktail" höre...
source engine: fail
directx 9 only: ultrafail !!!

sorry, no way to buy
thats called noobtasing then lol :D
CS: Global Offensive - The long awaited CS2 or another CS:CZ?
sounds like fail game...
hört sich nach ner codmischung an..
dass die waffen auf distanz schwächer werden usw.. ^^

naja, glaub nicht, dass es toll wird
it will be something like CS:CZ
ich werds testen =)
I can't wait for it.
CS:GO is not supposed to be "CS2" but a game that's "fun to play"

does that mean that we will get a cs2 in the future?
geile sache werds definitiv testen!
cs:cz ist mit sicherheit nicht so schlecht wie cs:go werden wird^^
cs:go ....molotov.... muss ich mehr sagen? 90% der cs spieler bekommen SO NEN HALS
am besten haben sich noch die änderungen auf de_dust angehört. ansonsten hört es sich so an, als hätten die entwickler die letzten jahre genau null counter-strike verfolgt...
ich freu mich herbst auf cs2. es ist lange her das ich cs gedaddelt habe aber solch geile nachrichten versüßen mir die freude auf das spiel, denn cod failed und bf ist kein takke game wie cs. cs4ever!!!!! :D
HERZOG wrote:
wenn ich schon "molotov cocktail" höre...

hab ich das richtig verstanden? es gibt ein defuse dass man droppen kann? hahaa

aber kevlar jede runde is n1 :)
maiszapfer wrote:
HERZOG wrote:
wenn ich schon "molotov cocktail" höre...

@ savii, 1 def kit für die CT´s, bei kill drop.

Wartet es doch erstmal ab bis die Beta Phase startet...
Anstatt Knife Rounds -> Taser Rounds :D
lolwuut.. wrote:
sounds like fail game...

hahah wenn ich schon höre auf train nur ein spot hahahahhahahaa
engine von portal 2 naja geht eig. ich lass mich überraschen. demo (falls vorhanden) wird gespielt und youtube vids werden angeschaut und dann kann man ja immernoch entscheiden ob man sichs zulegt..
soweit musste es ja kommen dass wir jetzt in "counter-strike" mit nem Elektroschocker rumlaufen was kommt als nächstes Handschellen? und zu molotov cocktail also kann ich mir nicht vorstellen dass das gut geht auf manchem Public spielen 40 Spieler soll da die ganze map am brennen sein? schaun wir mal wie es so wird. Wie wärs wenn ihr wieder soein Schild reintut die Dinger waren cool ;-)
thx for the vid guys, sounds interesting
da wollt ich grad schreiben wenn ich schon sowas lese wie ..New weapons like molotov cocktail, decoy grenade and a taser.. blabla, schon gesehn das die meisten das auch gepostet haben, aber mal ganz ehrlich css ist ne eigene klasse für sich Molotov Cocktail klingt nach COD und so. Mir reichen schon die dummen Updates die ständig für css rauskommen und auch noch total sinnlos sind...
eindeutig dagegen!
Auf PC ? mir wurde gesagt das es nur für PS3 raus kommen soll ...
Pls Privat nachricht :D
fiNtan wrote:

dass die waffen auf distanz schwächer werden usw.. ^^

das gibts selbst in 1.6, oder bist dun SSH boy :)?
1.6 :)
the end is near!
what about new engine Valve? omg CS:Go no competition ....
molotov rocks !!!!!
was machen die denn mit den maps??

Connector from 1st to 2nd middle removed
Multiple boxes and items resized

Underground back entrance removed

wtf das geilste kommt raus!!!
Please remove the Taser and Molotow Cocktail

Thats like a melee hit in CoD.. Onehit kills are not acceptable (My opinion), of course the one shot kill from AWP and headshots with deagle, ak47,m4 and so on.. are still ok!

The rest is interesting! It's very nice, that "progamers" are testing the game and Valve is implementing their ideas!

Every round new Kevlar and Helmet.
Does it mean that every round 1000$ will be removed from my money? Even if i have a durability of 90% or somethine like that? :X
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Hört sich zumindest besser an als Modern Failfare 3 !
WIll die Screen shots sehen ;) bin ja mal gespannt drauf
fehlen halt nur noch kampfhunde und flammenwerfer.... ach und die alkis auf der parkbank... :x
braucht kein mensch
Any idea if there will be a Beta for PS3 too?

Also did anyone noticed there aren't any reference to dust_2?
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das problem wird trotzdem sein, dass leider ziemlich viele cs go spielen werden... besonders die jenigen, die CS nie wirklich gespielt haben... die finden dann die idee von molotov´s klasse... dann die bessere grafik im vergleich zu 1.6...
daher kann ich mir gut vorstellen dass die zukunft für CS:GO besser aussieht als für 1.6 ... =(
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