KerchNET vs. Moscow Five
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 Moscow Five
Status: closed
MatchID 24569711
Date Sunday, 20 November 19:00
Calculated Thursday, 15 December 18:40
Round Lower Round of 16 #2
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0 : 1
0 : 1
Moscow Five wins !
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comments (3)
The winner of this match is qualified for the Stage #3 qualifier for the Intel Extreme Masters event in Kiev which will take place on Sunday, 18th of December 2011.
If Moscow Five will play this match, then it will get postponed as they are playin the MSI Beat It final at the same time. This match won't affect other matches of this tournament as it's the last one to be played and therefore we will postpone it to either later today or to a complete new match date.
But KerchNET and Moscow Five are in Kiev. The match will be tonight or not ?
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