NPME_EKB vs. plan-B
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Status: closed
MatchID 24537055
Date Sunday, 13 November 13:00
Calculated Sunday, 13 November 13:30
Round Round of 32
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1 : 0
1 : 0
NPME_EKB wins !
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Welcome to the European Stage #1 Qualifier for the Global Challenge in Kiev. Please check your e-mails as you got all information via e-mail already. For the mapvote, the higher seeding has to start to remove maps. Please also make sure to be in #masters.cs @ QuakeNet.


gl kaka
Schaffbar :)
Drück euch die Daumen!
gl Prior
team prior get a def win
kakafu se ace wrote:
team prior get a def win

why?! omg, why?!
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