Map Contest + 1on1 AIM Map Ladder
Now its official. We start a Crysis Wars Map Contest and a 1on1 AIM Map Ladder. Get all usefull information here.

Map Contest

Electronic Sports League and are proud to present a Map Contest. In order to open a 1on1 AIM Map Ladder we start a Map Contest. Its up to you if we open a 1on1 AIM Ladder, show your interest with a lot of created maps. Get all information about this contest now!

  • Start / End ?
    The start will be the 15th of Febuary - the End will be the 15th of March

  • Mapsize?
    The map should be playable for 1on1 Mode.

  • Who will evaluate?
    2 Member of ESL Admin Staff + 2 Member of

  • What should I upload?
    You have to upload the map, a short discription about your map, 3-5 screenshots of your map, also we need the source files:
    - latest .cry file,
    - layers directory and .lyr files, for external layers (if you used them),
    - materials .mtl files for user-materials;

  • How to upload?
    Send your .rar or .zip file to

  • Check out Rule 9.3.2. Forbidden weapons
    Make sure that the following weapons aren't available on your maps.

    - FGL-40 Grenade launcher and grenade launcher attachments.
    - Using smoke grenades at all
    - Rocket launcher


The best 3 ranked Map creater will get the following prizes. Also the best 5 Maps will be added to our new 1on1 AIM Map Ladder.

  • 1st Place
    3 Months Premium + Crysis Shirt

  • 2nd Place
    2 Months Premium + Crysis Bag

  • 3rd Place
    1 Month Premium + Crysis Mousepad

  • Don't forget to add your ESL User ID to the email

    Your ESL EU Admin Team.
    PtY, Saturday, 14/02/09 07:24
    comments (16)
    hf =)
    n1 prizes
    1 edits
    cool, the section is not dead yet
    crysis forever!
    1 edits
    lol better prizes than in Winter Cup :D
    yes, true lol
    That's because it's actually creative work. And imo prized cups should be accessible to premium teams only, that actually contribute in making the ESL run.
    2 edits
    nice prices but WHERE IS ..... NEW EDITOR FOR WARS??:( then i will do my best ;) want a mousepad :((
    You can use the normal editor for Crysis 1. Of course the best way is install crysis 1 too (or everytime delete the update to patch 1.3 in crysis wars ^^)
    gg =)
    we need more 1vs1, 2vs2, TIA/PS cups, but map contest and 1vs1 AIM ladder isnt bad)
    can u upload in crymod? ^^
    Yeah do it pls :D Aimmapv3 could only ten people download :(
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