Sebastian 'aero' Winzker  id: 5552043
Videocard R390 & GTX2080 mobile
Display AOC 144Hz and 15 year old Medion
Mouse Logitech GPro & MX518 (BEST MOUSE EVER MADE OK?)
Mousepad Roccat SOTA for life
Keyboard Roccat Isku for life
Headphones Speedlink Medusa for life
Movie Fight Club,American History X,Bulletproof Gangsta
Song Sway - Still Speedin' Remix (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Book Roadside Picknick, Metro2033, To kill the Irishman
Book author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Stanislaw Lem, Strugatzki Bros.
Actor / Actress Keanu
Car Mercedes A45 S AMG
Sport Systema
Athlete Jakub Błaszczykowski
Clan Wild-Play forever
Player Ryuk - Rest in Peace Brother..
Game Hero Phoon, LegitWho.
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Cats
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
My Discord Tag: aero#2222
Valorant.GL Discord:
Find me. Yes, I am in the aftermovie.

Current Team:

ERASUS (RaGe, aero, Cast, phytex, clarex)
BACK2 (shyne, chiko_, Bijlstra, aero, dubking)
BACK (Denis, Bijlstra, Mauro, Cristian, Sebastian, dappyidapdap)
n!Faculty (LrN, greXi, Aston, Pik-Ass, aero)
DRUCKWELLE 2nd try (LrN, greXi, Kaboom?, Chrizzy, aero)
Druckwelle/Team Carbon EUROPE 1st try (LrN, Avatar, fraX, weedy, aero)
virtualArtistry (vizee, kooper, aero, vulpaR, slix, Reijn)
EnRo Griffins (vizee, kooper, aero, SEVEN, motion, Reijn, a1mtexx)
Wild-Play e.V. 3rd try (surE, LegitWho., JinGa, CraSh, air)
Wild-Play e.V. 2nd try (kaboom?, Sata, tacc, Clemeni, air, bURNNN)
Wild-Play e.V. 1st try (kaboom?, bURNNN, clar1ty, Clemeni, air, qualityy) (Adept_, INKK, hasi, whizz, HEADDDD)
HRSN.v5 (Adept_, INKK, hasi, whizz, HEADDDD)
tHL (Qzy, xunshine, Engine, aero, RaGe)
PhyZX (Qzy, xunshine, Engine, whizz, Daishi)

and more..
Tera-Gaming, EnRoGRIFFINS, aVenue.CF, etc..

But the greatest goal was playing with the best people I have ever met and being part of the weird, but great CrossFire professional community. Thanks for everything guys.. If you want to stay in touch, hit me up on discord. You can find my tag in the short description.

whizz - aero - air - PHYZIC - scorch - shaman - virtuoso - breeze