New S&D 5on5 Ladder
A new free game is here in the ESL. We have now opened the first Cross Fire Search & Destroy 5on5 Ladder! Now is the time to sign up your team and participate in the ladder!

Are you new in the ESL? But you want to join a ladder or cup? You can first take a look at our Getting Started. In this guide, all basic functions of the website are described step by step. Good Luck!

The Game

Cross Fire is a nice and free shooter game. You can download it from official the website and start the battle with us.

Cross Fire S&D 5on5 Ladder

Cross Fire Search & Destroy 5on5 Ladder:

Gametype: Search & Destroy
Match Module: 1 Map, 11 Rounds each side

  • BlackWidow
  • Ceyhan
  • Factory
  • Mexico
  • Port
  • Sub Base

  • Team Logo
  • Registered Gameaccount (Cross Fire Nickname) (enter)

You can also look up all rules here: Rules & Information

Sign up now!

Don't you like those rules, maps and settings? Just give us your feedback and define the rules by yourself. We will try to realize as much suggestions as possible. Just post your suggestion in the Cross Fire Board. Of course, we are going to open new ladders in the future!

ESL Admin Team
3199293, Thursday, 23/04/09 19:22
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comments (19)
Go Go Go Guys!
only EU teams allowed, right ?
gj ;) next ladder 1v1 :D specialK i want only EU teams xD
eXilium Industries is in.

Thanks ESL for the first European Crossfire Ladder.

Good luck and have fun to all teams!
Conn3Xx is in! GL & fun for all! :D
#2 Yes, just Eu teams.
sephen why not get equality? omg
Sephen, i have a player from USA, is he allowed to play on ESL ?
just to make sure if he is a legal player or not and to get no problems in the future.
#8 If i was you, i didn't play with your USA player, because the other clans cannot accept.

Anyway, Jamaica? Jamaica -> Africa =)
jamaica should be able since the US just have a way better ping.

but another thing u cant do 2x 11 on the clan server :

should be 2x 9
We aren't going to play in the Clanwar server (;
Hey guys,

djisma we must test equality first, just wait. :)

#8 Your player can't play, sorry.

#10 We are on ESL, we aren't on subagames tournament :) So you should play on other servers
alright, he will stay on the ESL roster though
nice =) 1v1 ladder pls :)
We need more teams to sign up :/
gl at all :O
Will Search & Destroy EagleEyes be added to the maplist?
#17 i dont think that Eagle Eyes is good to ESL :/
1vs1 go!
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