S&D 5on5 Opening Cup Winners
The Opening Cup of Cross Fire season is finished. The cup ended successful. We want to thank all the teams, which participated at this cup and we hope you enjoyed it as well. Read below to get more information about the winners!

The Teams:

Super Soldados Del TerroR
Memory FivE
Cross Fire for hire...
Dont be shy
sVs Crossfire Team

3LIVES - Cross Fire Helden
SK Sweden
Area 51.cf
Gaming Generation Crossfire
eXilium Ind
National Unity of Bastards
LynX - Crossfire

The Final

The final took place with two American teams. The teams were equal to each other but still Area 51.cf won the match easily with score 5-22.

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Match for the 3rd place

A wonderful match which was played with no problems. The team who took the 3rd place in this cup is National Unity of Bastards!

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The winners!

Here is the final ranking. Congratulations to the three winner teams. You will receive the premium months in the next few days. You can check out your premium status here by clicking on "details".

Rank Team Prize
1 Area 51.cf 3 months premium
2 teamEVOLUTION 2 months premium
3 National Unity of Bastards 1 month premium

We hope you enjoyed this cup and maybe you could get an impression of other teams and their skills. But yeah, we know that there were some disadvantages for some team because they were facing a non-European team but still we hope you had fun!

ESL Admin Team
3199293, Tuesday, 14/04/09 08:01
Final Cup Bracket
comments (17)
what about now ? are u guys opening a 5v5 ladder ? :)
when dows the ladders start? :)
European Cup , American teams ftw :'D
#2 As soon as possible ;D
and when is it? :D ^^
I hope the ladders are only for europeans...
Because its very infair play with people that have 10/30 of ping,when,we play with 150/170...
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New patch coming tomorrow morning, EU server coming in the patch most likely, and if it really does, no problem for USA teams to participate on ESL.
yay! I really do hope it's true about the server!
I'm guessing there will be a rule where only European clans will be allowed or, if they are available, that there can only be played on European server.
As soon as EU servers are up, no problems with us Americans on the EU servers?
nope, we play on US server as well now :P
#10, EU league, EU servers
i will see how you americans will play with ping of 150 agains europeans with 10 -20 :)
#3 yup, lmao.
#6 same.
#7 there is no european server yet :s
#8 it isn't, maybe on next patch i think.
#10 i think yes, and I hope you got our ping to see what is being playing with low pingers (;
some wise men told me that ping has no effect on the gameplay in cf, it was the leader of area51

he told me that the americans have to get along with lags and the highpingers and he has spoken of his team and why his team has distinguished himself
i may quote "we have played against the best from our country in the cup and the had like no tactics, the just ran around like a bunch of noobs) he has spoken about teamEVOLUTION
but whats about the rest..

lets take a team of skilled person, who have been bashed cause of bad pings and making barly no damage, and a worse team with nice pings from the uk

where is the difference gentlemen ?
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congrats to the winners
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