The first Beta Cup - Now with prizes
Today we can announce our first 5on5 cup in Crossfire Europe and it also be our first Beta Cup. Sign ups are open until Wednesday 14:00 CET for all 5on5 teams out there, which want to play in the ESL and maybe get some prizes as well. Read the news for all information about the first Beta Cup.

The Beta Cup

   Begin sign up: Now!
   End sign up: 01/12/2011 14:00 CET
   Mode: 5on5 Search & Destroy - 1 Map, 2x 7 Rounds
   Questions? Supportticket
   Restrictions: Entered Crossfire EU Nickname
   Rules: Here
   1st round: 01/12/11 20:00 CET
   2nd round: 05/12/11 20:00 CET
   3nd round: 08/12/11 20:00 CET
   4th & final round: 12/12/11 20:00 CET & 21:00 CET

Sign up now!

Ingame prizes

5x 50,000 GP
5x 25,000 GP
5x 10,000 GP

You can also play in our new matchmaking system called VERSUS. If you lost in the Beta Cup or want to play Crossfire, you can play in VERSUS with your team or alone in a mixed 5on5. The matchmaking system assures that you will get an opponent at the same skill level as yours. In just a few clicks you can get a good 5on5 match, no other way is faster.

We wish all teams and players the best of luck and have fun playing Crossfire Europe in the ESL.

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bLackhawk, Wednesday, 30/11/11 04:55
Sign up for the 5on5 Beta Cup
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nice :)
Great Job
so esl wire is mandatory now ? why there is no announcement and why there is no uac3 in the rules ?
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why you dont post it to the official crossfire homepage?
Where can we test if anticheat is working if u dont have any "open matches".
Where is it announced we HAVE to use esl wire and no more uac3 ?
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Lol you Banned Sprays ? oO

What is with Wire, do we have to use it now or not ?
If you want to help us creating the new rules, just write down your thoughts in this topic:

We are still working on the fact to support Crossfire Europe with Wire Anti-Cheat, so for now we have to use UAC3.
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Is it possible to change the time to 21:00? At most weekdays I'm home later than that and by regarding this community, not every team will agree to play it an hour later. Besides, I suppose that I'm not the only one with this problem.
i work till 22:00 with late night shift so i wont be able to play at all
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gj gl all
You can't find the dates to suit all... always be bad so you have to get along with yopur opponents.

thanks for banned sprays. German kids using BUG to make big "graffiti" across the wall, then u can't see them...
i need team :/

Someone send me PM to join the team..
i needxteam too :/
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