Combat Arms 1on1 Spring Cup Final
he finally made it !
SinoptiC is really "One Man Army",
while BombBlnK was just "One man Division".
Sol1tary reached 3rd Podium Step

Spring Cup 1on1 2014: Final Match!

Sunday, 27/04/14 14:00
Status: closed

 BombBlnK (#2)[12:15] Nycs (#1)

Top 3 Spring 2014 1on1 Cup


1on1 Spring Cup 2014 Final Bracket

Prizes and Award

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1st Place
3 Months ESL Premium Accounts
Spring Award
ESL Mask(90 days) + 20.000 NX

2nd Place 2 Months ESL Premium Accounts
ESL Mask(60days) + 10.000 NX

3rd Place 1 Month ESL Premium Account
ESL Mask(30days) + 5.000 NX

Cup Awards

   Take part in 5, 50 or 250 cups to earn this award. It doesn't matter if you won the whole cup or are knocked out in the first round!

   Win 25, 100 or 250 cup matches, to earn this award.

   To win this award, you need to reach our Hall of Fame a few times. This award is not automatic and needs to be requested.

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4881031, Saturday, 24/05/14 05:14
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