Germany vs. France
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Status: closed
MatchID 23974021
Date Saturday, 17 December 20:00
Calculated Monday, 16 January 17:51
Round Quarterfinals
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Short Fuse 0 : 10
Gray Hammer 0 : 10
France wins ! (Default Win)
Saturday, 17 December 22:05
Round 1*
288 kB, Saturday, 17 December 22:05, by 5728938 (GER)
Tuesday, 20 December 21:38
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2.1 MB, Tuesday, 20 December 21:38, by 3670320 (FR)
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27/12/11 04:04
Prematch Statement
Halle France.CA

We are looking to have a close and competitive match as our first Playoff-Match this season, hope this game will be without bugs and unsportsmanlike behaviour.
Good luck and have fun and may the best team win. I hope you have a great time playing against us!

Best Regards,
Germany.CA - Zohan
20/12/11 14:44
Pre-Match Statement
Hello everybody,

Finaly groupstages ended and here goes our quarters match. Competition is getting more and more difficult and we will do our best tonight.

Hope to see you tonight Team Germany.


Captain of France Team
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