Stalingrad vs. Full Bastard Inside
Contestants Parameters
 27.  24.

 Full Bastard Inside
Status: closed
MatchID 16462757
Date Wednesday, 16/12/09 14:00
Calculated 16/12/09 15:50
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Result Media
mp_airfield 20 : 0
mp_asylum 20 : 0
Stalingrad wins !
Points +26 : -26


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comments (8) CM 2| Stalingrad Pas in day to Math
No sorry this time in our server, the server russian you people have is low connection
last time we got 190 ping, and MF team russian too in our server they ping not over 100
then this time pass pcw2
No problem
1 map mp_airfield in your serv pass pcw2
2 map mp_asylum if good ping again your serv
if not good

pas letmein
Your server public! Not private. Wait you on our server first
Where you
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