MADGODS.GAMING vs. Team Rampage V
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 Team Rampage V
Status: closed
MatchID 28330289
Date Monday, 06/05/13 14:00
Calculated 12/05/13 14:48
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Raid 0 : 1
Raid 0 : 1
Team Rampage V wins !


Team Rampage V

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As agreed with beast R we will reschedule the matchdate. We find a matchdate soon, but we wont play on the default time.
I confirm
Push this please. Let this match be played before the next round starts, else I'm forced to set a date in order to prevent another delay for the cup.
Yeah we will play this untill next Monday. We will probably play it sometime at weekend since Team R has matches on the greek esl championship
Well I would like to see a date to prevent this match from not being played. If either one of you don't show up on that date then the other can get a def win. So please find a date in the next couple of days and post it here or open a protest or notify me
We propose the following match dates:
10/5 16.00 CET (17.00 greek time)
10/5 22.00CET (23.00 greek time)
Beast R has till tonight to react to this proposal. If they failed to respond to it and set a date, I will set one before monday.
We spoke with Madgs we can't play tonight they cant play tomorrow so we decided to play Sunday night -> 12/5/13 about 22:00 pm cet +1
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We spoke with Team R and we agree. we will play sunday. since we have a greek cup too at that time we will play around 22.00 pm CET +1
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