veritaS vs. Hank
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Status: closed
MatchID 22893911
Date Wednesday, 08 June 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 08 June 19:40
map Grid
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15 : 32
Hank wins !
08/06/11 19:39
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 01.jpg*
92 kB, 08/06/11 19:39, by Hank
* No longer available
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Possible Gametypes:

• DM
• HQ
• S&D

Possible Maps

• Grid
• Nuketown
• Havana
• Summit
• Firing Range

The player on the left will start to eliminate 1 gametype first. Then the second player eliminates another gametype. If you have determined the gametype, then you are going to determine the map via elimination as well.

Best Regards,
Uglyfarmer, ESL Admin
HQ out
s&d out
dem out
Hank out xD
grid out
havanna out
summit out
fr out
k your server`?
connect ; password bima
cu on
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