What is a Gameaccount?

A gameaccount in the ESL is an unique ID generated by the game or by the login account. Its possible to verify users with this ID and say clearly which user used it. Call of Duty 4 uses a gameaccount called Punkbuster ID which is composed of small letters from a-f and numbers 0-9.

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How can I enter a gameaccount?

To add gameaccounts, click Settings and go to Gameaccounts (SteamID, ...). Select the type of gameaccount from the list, enter your gameaccount (make sure it is correct!) and click Send. You only need to enter a reason and include a screenshot when changing a gameaccount you have already entered.

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How can I find out my Punkbuster ID?

1. Join a server with Punkbuster
2. Open the console (default is press + )
3. Type /pb_plist

At this example the guid would be cbc6e799. Make sure when you enter a punkbuster ID that you don't enter capital letters!

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What should I do if I get the message, "Gameaccount in use/already exist"?

In this case please open a support, if you deleted an old account and created a new one please read the global rule 3.1.1. Multiaccounts. It is absolutely forbidden to create a new clean account for hiding the old history for example.

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How can I record a demo?

First of all it is necessary to record in every ESL Match a demo - and upload it if the opponent team requests it. To record a demo you open the the console ( + ) and write /record yourdemoname after this press enter. The record starts immediately and you will see the name you entered with the demo size at the right lower corner.

Example screenshots you can find here:

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What is ESL Wire Anti-Cheat and how does it work?

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is an Anti-Cheat tool which tries to create a fair environment for competition that is similar playing on a local network. With special monitoring methods we also have additional possibilities to ensure fair play in our Leagues.
Start Wire, select the match and start the game!

Wire as an Anti-Cheat tool
The ESL Wire client was primarily programmed to ensure fair play. A special feature is the cheat-detection that can detect various cheats in a number of ways.

Linesman as the Configpolice
So that all players play under the same conditions, Linesman was developed so that all config's of a player are saved in a file. You can check the file to make sure that it was not manipulated after the match.

Wire against Ringers and Fakers
The way Wire works allows us also to make checks when a player is suspected of creating multiple accounts.

Achievements of ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
In it's ongoing operation ESL Wire Anti-Cheat has regularly caught cheaters. In special cases, a news is posted with more specific information.

Questions about Wire Anti-Cheat

Further information about ESL Wire Anti-Cheat you can find on the FAQ website. It includes a special FAQ about Error codes.

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Which binds are allowed?

At first we blacklist all binds doesn't matter if they have effect during the game or not. This counts for all scripts which are not on the exception list - announced in rule 3.2.2.. Forbidden Binds/Scripts.

The allowed scripts are:

Namebindsbind F5 name "ESL-Player"
Demoscripts bind KP_INS "toggle cl_freezedemo"
Screenshotscripts (pb_plist only)bind f12 "screenshotjpeg"
Servercontrol-Scriptsbind KP_INS "rcon map mp_crash"
Weapon/-menu/-select-Scripts (includes all grenades)bind V "openscriptmenu quickpromod 2"
Saybindsbind F1 say "here is the text"
Filmtweaks (automatically enabled in the new promod)
Scoreboard team rename
Scoreboard colour and size changes
Volume binds/toggles
Thirdperson bindsbind KP_HOME "toggle cg_thirdpersonangle 0 10 20 30 40
Toggle FPS (range is 60 <-> 250 FPS)bind F5 toggle com_maxfps 125 250

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How to setup PAM/PromodLIVE

1. PAM

At first you need access to the server via FTP and also to the start parameters. If you dont have it, ask your hoster if they can change it for you

1.1 Contact to the Server via FTP and check if you have a the folder ../cod4/mods/pam4/. , if you dont have a PAM4 folder there create one.

1.2 As second step download the PAM Mod here. Unzip it and upload the all files.

1.3 edit the startparameters to ./cod4_lnxded +set loc_language 2 +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 28960 +set fs_game mods/pam4 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec default_server.cfg +map mp_crash
2. Promod LIVE

At first you need access to the server via FTP and also to the startparameters. If you dont have it, ask your hoster if they can change it for you

2.1 Contact to the Server via FTP and check if you have a the folder ../cod4/mods/PromodLIVE/. , if you dont have a PromodLIVE folder there create one.

2.1 As second step download the PromodeLIVE 2.11 here. Unzip it and upload the all files.

2.3 edit the start parameters to ./cod4_lnxded +set loc_language 2 +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 28960 +set fs_game mods/PromodLIVE +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec default_server.cfg +map mp_crash

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How to setup Game-Violations streaming

First of all you need the scripts. You also need a connection to you gameserver via a FTP client.

1. choose the path ../cod4/pb/...
2. Upload all files from gameviolations.
3. eighter restart the server or punkbuster.
4. join the server and type /rcon pb_sv_load ESL.cfg

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Important server control commands

/rcon login xxxxlogin as administrator to control the server
/rcon map mp_xxxxxchanges the map
/rcon map_restartreloads the map totally
/rcon fast_restartrestart the map, without a complet reload
/rcon pb_sv_restartrestarts Punksbuster
/rcon pb_sv_load xxx.cfgload a spezific Punkbuster config
/pb_plistshows you a table with all informations, like guid etc.
/rcon pb_sv_plistshows you also a table with informations, including IP's

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My team played the match but got no EXP points - Why?

This happens mostly because you didn't enter the line-up before the match was played.

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How can I enter the line-up?

On the match overview you have a button calls "Change line-up". If press this button you will be forwarded to another page where you can add the players for a match. Please don't forget to press send. If you don't do it the system wont enter the line-up.

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Are match agreements via instant messengers allowed?

In general yes they are allowed, but if you have a conflict they don't count. Only the match comments count as official agreements. So please avoid instant messengers and use the comment system you can find on the button of every match page. If you do this you're mostly on the safe side and it avoids massive discussions in conflicts.

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We got penalty points for missing matchmedias, but we uploaded it what is to do?

If you checked the guidelines and if you're in the timespan you can open a support and the penalty points will be removed.

Timespan demo's:
In total you must not upload every demo of every match, but if someone make a request you have 24 hours time to upload it. The maximum deadline until you can request demo's is 24 hours after the match.

It is necessary that the following screenshots are uploaded after the match is played within 48 hours. Its irrelevant which team upload these screenshots but the must be complete. A comeplete set of screenshots means: final roundscreen, pb_plist

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What to do when a team/player didn't show up?

Well there are different kinds of situations.

During a Ladder match you have 2 options. The first one is open a conflict and solve the problem with the help of the admins. The second one is enter in the score mask the team/player didn't show up. If they accept it the system delete the match automatically if not open a conflict.

Cups/Leagues/Premier Ships/EAS:
Here we have only one option and this is open instantly a protest after the deadline ended.

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