kIngZ pOrn 3v3 vs. Millenium
Contestants Parameters
 56.  119.

 kIngZ pOrn 3v3
Status: closed
MatchID 16700162
Date Monday, 28 December 20:30
Calculated Monday, 28 December 22:51
Created by Matchmaker
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Result Media
mp_backlot 18 : 6
mp_crash 14 : 10
kIngZ pOrn 3v3 wins !
Points +19 : -19


kIngZ pOrn 3v3

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comments (9) PW: eslwar
Change day pls
Mistake in aquitas rise demo
1 edits
u can choose 2 of 3 demos u want too see
Veritas as you say I do not understand or can choose 2 of the U 3 demos also wants to see
read the rules request 2 of 3 demos
anti where is your aeq file?
and upload ur aequitas.. tomorrow we will make protest if u didnt uploaded ur aequitas untill then
aequitas anti subio not that ruling and gave the demo and I went up
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