kIngZ pOrn 3v3 vs. CoD 4 Oblivion
Contestants Parameters
 89.  184.

 kIngZ pOrn 3v3
 CoD 4 Oblivion
Status: closed
MatchID 16414265
Date Monday, 07 December 20:15
Calculated Monday, 07 December 23:49
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Result Media
mp_crash 14 : 10
mp_crash 15 : 9
kIngZ pOrn 3v3 wins !
Points +19 : -19

CoD 4 Oblivion

kIngZ pOrn 3v3

kIngZ pOrn 3v3
07/12/09 15:54
Pls upload your Aeq hahahaha >.<
CoD 4 Oblivion
07/12/09 15:45
Roxarr demo up
Roxarrr demo up plz
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comments (16)
is it ok if we take citystreets? because 2 times crash isnt good
no,citystreets is large map chose backlot,strike,vacant
we will play on my server IP: pass:codara
vacant isnt in the mappool! ok then we take backlot
can we play 20.00CET?
kenny didnt see that we have 21 an esl match or we play 23.00CET?
sry guys
ok,can we play in 20:20 because my guys cant play earlie
well i think our match will be longer then 40 minutes so better at 23H.
we can play 20.20 its ok
Dduba is banned plz change ur lineup
WE PLAY ON OUR!! because ur sever isnt streamed PW: eslwar
Roxarr demo up plz
hahahaha guys, why u didnt started aequitas? omg hahahahahahahaa
not roxarrr shoxarr sorry for mistake in name then shoxarr demo up plz
BTW gg
first upload urs! we made also a request and upload ur goddamn aequitas or you will get penalty points
wait i m new @ esl i played clanbase what do u want demo or what?
yes go on matchmedia upload and then the demo
and plox accept the match score
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