EU Hosted Qualifiers
Details for how teams from Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, UK can qualify for the €3.000 third season of the ESL Major Series are inside.
Up to the top 4 teams from each qualifier will qualify either directly for the third season of the ESL Major Series groupstage or go into one of the two knockout Qualifying Rounds. The exact distribution of slots will not be known until later.

Update: The qualifiers for Denmark and Hungary are cancelled as less than 4 teams signed up. Teams from these countries will have to qualify via the European qualifier which will be announced later.


The Finnish, Swedish and UK qualifiers are double elimination, the Norwegian qualifier is a 5 team league

One map per round, first to 13 rounds wins

Schedule (Finland, Sweden)

Round 1. 25th May 20:00 CET
WB Final/LB Final. 25th May 21:30 CET
Consolation Final. 1st June 20:00 CET
Final. 1st June 21:30 CET

Schedule (UK)

Round 1. 25th May 20:00 CET
WB #2/LB #1. 25th May 21:30 CET
WB #3/LB #2. 1st June 20:00 CET
LB #3. 1st June 21:30 CET
Consolation Final. 8th June 20:00 CET
Final. 8th June 21:30 CET

Schedule (Norway)

See here


The map pool is mp_strike, mp_vacant, mp_backlot, mp_crash, mp_citystreets

The team on the left side of the match sheet eliminates the first map, teams take it in turn eliminating until one map remains

Special notes

No show time is 15 minutes
Remember at all times ingame 3 out of 5 players must be from the country of the respective qualifier


The prize distribution for ESL Major Series Season III Call of Duty 4 has doubled from last season, €3.000 split as follows:
1st. €1.500
2nd. €900
3rd. €600
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grrr cze qual plx :D
and germany ?
yeah where is ger? ^^
hm and czech qualification ?
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Germany ??? :(
#5 To be announced. Wait and see.
Germany has already been announced,
and spain?
raxiN_, klick on the link TheRogue posted ;)
where is austria Oo
since the danish qualifier is cancelled, how do we sign up for the eu qualifier ?
"via the European qualifier which will be announced later."
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