Winner of Autumn Cup 2013
Alltogether seven teams fought for the title of the best team from our season cup. Finally Call of Duty 4 could win all matches without a single loss! Congratulations to Call of Duty 4. In the final match they played again the spanish team from Sixth Sense.CoD4 and won in overtime on crash.

The winner's podium

Congratulations to Call of Duty 4 for winning the autumn cup!

The prizes

No award will be given, because we did not have 16 participants at the 3on3 Search & Destroy Autumn Cup 2013

There also won't be the announced premium prizes, because there were a requirement, that we need at least 8 teams.

3x3 months Premium for the winning players
3x2 months Premium for 2nd place players
3x1 month Premium for 3rd place players

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HellraiZer, Tuesday, 24/12/13 10:02
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And we didn't get premium as there were to less teams ... gg
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