Search & Destroy Winter Cup
It is cold these days in germany and before the winter will leave us we will host the known winter cup. We will have one big cup with some prizes, so read on. We also offer a special award just for the winner of this cup which will be played in 5on5 S&D mode.

Winter Cup 2013: Details

There will be one big cup with 32 teams. The cup will start on sunday 13/01/13 20.30 CET.

The next table gives you all information about the matchdates and the cup in general. You have to play 2 maps in MR 12 mode. Each team picks one map (mp_backlot, mp_crash, mp_citystreets, mp_crossfire, mp_strike).

Search & Destroy 5on5 Winter Cup
Match Modul:
Moveable matches:  
Signup end:  

5on5 Search and Destroy
32 teams
double elemination - two maps - first to 25 || OT 3
if both teams agree (before next round)
11/01/2013 18.00 CET

Round 1: Sunday 13/01/2013 20.30 CET
Round 2: Sunday 20/01/2013 20.30 CET
Round 3: Sunday 27/01/2013 20.30 CET
Round 4: Sunday 03/02/2013 20.30 CET
Round 5: Sunday 10/02/2013 20.30 CET
Round 6: Sunday 17/02/2013 20.30 CET
Round 7: Sunday 24/02/2013 20.30 CET
Round 8: Sunday 03/03/2013 20.30 CET
Round 9: Sunday 10/03/2013 20.30 CET
Finals Sunday 17/03/2013 20.30 CET

Call of Duty 4 Promod Search & Destroy 5on5 Winter Cup 2013

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More Information

More quick information you can find here
Teams participating are shown here
Here you can see the tournament tree
Brackets will be done around 1 day before the cup starts
Problems with Wire? Go reading here

Winter Cup 2013: The Prizes

The exclusive Winter-Award will be available for the winner of the tournament. Of course we will offer you some premium accounts and if there are more teams than expected the amount of premium will be higher.:

Premium First place: Premium account amounting to 3 months (5x3)

Second place: Premium account amounting to 2 months (5x2)

Third place: Premium account amounting to 1 month (5x1)

Additionally the top 3 winners will be shown in our great Hall of Fame.

Join the S&D Ladder

We have a rising amount of matches per day and we recommend your participation in the league as you should find an opponent at the evening with relatively ease using the known methods.

How to find an opponent

Promod SD 5on5 Ladder

Promod SD 3on3 Ladder

Promod SD 2on2 Ladder

Promod SD 1on1 Ladder

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The ESL admin team wish all participating teams much fun and good luck.
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