The League Bans
When you leave a ladder you normally get a league ban for this ladder for 5 days. Now we make some changes there. So let us gonna read below for have all data showed about this changement.
Since two years now the new player barrage is abolished. Meaning that there is no annoying 10 days-ban for new joiners in a team. But whenever you leave a ladder (individually or leaving a team in the ladder or a team you are in leaving the ladder) you are banned for a few days (default is 5, sometimes more/less depending on the ladder) to prevent mercing/clanhopping. Now we will also abolish this ban starting with the S&D 2on2 Ladder as test. So from now on there is no waiting time if you change your team; you can start playing right after you leave your old team! Be sure that this is in test stage and it only counts for 2on2 ladder so far. If everything runs fine we will expand the deletion of league bans in all ladders. For any questions feel free to write a support ticket.

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foras, Friday, 13/05/11 17:31
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S&D 2on2 Ladder
comments (4)
Yeah, go for clanbase rules, that's bs and will destroy the individuality of every each team, you should at least stay with 24 hour ban like CB, to prevent the instant mercing...

I hope this is not heading the direction that you'll be able to play in serveral teams within the same ladder, that's what is unique in the ESL and what makes the different to CB, do not change this ever !
This is just a test to see what effects it got within this unique ladder :)
just gave my opinion, that's what is needed I guess, some feedback :)
1st in cb u are alowed to play in various team's here u need to leave the other team to play in the new.. so gj admins
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