EMS VII CoD4: Teams replacement
The new season is pretty young however due some drop outs, we were forced to make some replacements in the qualification rounds. This includes the reset of one match.
Unfortunately, we have been forced to make some replacements so early into the season - luckily we can avoid default wins. Due the drop out of Reason Gaming and the merge of team OX.Enermax EMS.COD4 and Coming Soon - we will re-draft the EMS teams from Italy and the United Kingdom. This means the teams Team ONLiNERz EMS and iN MeMoRy oF reFresh! gaming will be moved to the qualification round 2 and will be replacing Reason Gaming and Coming Soon

The two open QR1 slots for both nations will be filled up with the next placed teams from the national qualifiers. So we will now be adding Ying and Yang and Protype to the qualification round one. These two teams will play against each other in the qualification round 1 and the winner will move on to the QR2. The winner of this match will instantly face LeiSuRe to determine who will move on into the group stage. Unfortunately, it was inevitable that we'd have 1-2 short delays, however we are hoping so see these new teams play their matches as soon as possible so we can keep delays to a minimum.
Creepy, Saturday, 02/10/10 14:22
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