logiX e.V. old vs. overGame Ladder
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 88.  24.

 logiX e.V. old
 overGame Ladder
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MatchID 10918604
Date Monday, 06 October 18:00
Calculated Monday, 06 October 18:54
map mp_crash
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6 : 13
overGame Ladder wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 06 October 18:53
291 kB, Monday, 06 October 18:53, by 2576355 (oG)
Monday, 06 October 18:52
126 kB, Monday, 06 October 18:52, by 2576355 (oG)
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logiX e.V. old

overGame Ladder

logiX e.V. old
06/10/08 08:22

Hey Guys,

we have a new Player in our Team. And i will ask you, can he play..? I know its very late to say this. But if you dont allowed the player we cant play :/..and a defwin. that is lame or?

So please.. allowed our new player!

Greetz. ThReShhh
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Hey logiX-eSports, can we play at 22:00 or 22:30 ? And for the server if u have german server we have bad ping.. Check this UK server and let me know if u can play there for "fair play".


No Sry. That is to late!

Montag, 06.10.08 20:00

Or we play at 19:00?

The Server is ok!
Or we play at 18:00h?
yes, 18:00 is more good for us, good for you ?
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Ye Thats ok!

nice, at 17:45 we put the pw of the server.

Okay.. GL ;)
Groupstage Week 1: 29th September to 5th October (mp_crash)
Groupstage Week 2: 6th to 12th October (mp_strike)
Groupstage Week 3: 13th to 19th October (mp_citystreets)
Groupstage catch-up: 20th to 26th October

This is the rules right? Then i think we need to change the map and put mp_strike because we play this date 06/10/08.

Check it pls :)
Ye sry.. i forgot it.. mp_strike
mp_stike noooo :( xD
i like mp_strike
and i love my team (:
<3 :)
i love myself xD
i hate u all :P
thx we love spain pw: limon
we dont accept to play with ur news players.

sry and thx
that is fairplay

well, thats okay ...
we will challenge you @ esl.eu 5on5 ladder..

so long,
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Bad loser? :)
andiye.. go to your low team.. and dont spam the comments full!
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